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      CNC RouterSD1325C


      Product Name:CNC RouterSD1325C

      Key Specifications/Special Features:

      woodworking cnc machines with 1300*2500mm working area and CE, FDA marks
      Woodworking CNC machines for sale
      3D CNC woodworking machine  
      Wood working machinery

      Why Choose us:
      ★ Long time warranty: 2 years for the whole machine
      ★ Fast delivery time: within 20  days after receiving customer’s payment
      ★ Safety payment: 100% protection for your money
      ★ More than 15 years of experience in laser machine development and manufacture
      ★ Near to sea port, so export costs is low
      ★ Whole life technical support for free. 24 hours online support

      ● Traveling speed can reach 35m/minimum high-speed cutting speed can reach 25m/minute
      ● Adopts advanced DSP NC system, handle-operation, simpler operation, more humanistic design, using unique Intelligent budget rules, making full use of the electrical potential, achieving high-speed processing, curve linear synchronous and more perfect curves
      ● Y axis adopts double motor to drive
      ● Do welding the machine frame with high- strength steel tube
      ● Six sub-areas vacuum table-board
      ● Professional and human-based 3D control system
      ● Optional automatic orientation system and temperature control system
      Field of applications:
      ●   Wood working, advertising industry, seal industry, craft and gift, art mould and mold
      ●   Applicable materials: wood, acrylic, double-color board, PVC, EVA, ABS board, stone, imitation stone, metal and aluminum mold
      ●   Major application fields: furniture, furniture decoration, woodworking decoration, musical instrument and wooden handicraft
      ●   Woodwork industry: sewing machine table, machine cabinet panel, sporting equipment, wooden door
      ●   Mould industry: wooden mould and aviation wooden mold
      ●   Music instrument: three-dimensional wood carving in relief and profile cutting
      Model SX1325A SX1325B SX1325C
      X, Y working area 1300x2500mm 1300x2500mm 1300x2500mm
      Z Max working area 150mm 200mm 200mm
      Table size 1400x3000mm 1400x3000mm 1480x3000mm
      Working delicacy 0.05mm
      X, Y, Z repositioning Positioning Accuracy 0.05mm
      Frame Square tube steel structure
      X, Y, Z Structure Three-axis round orbit, Gear-wheel driver (Y axis double nuts) Square orbit, Gear-wheel driver (Y axis double nuts) Square orbit, Gear-wheel driver (Y axis double nuts)
      Driver MD2278 drivers (35-45 meters)
      Spindle Power Motor 3kW, 4.5kW water cooling spindle
      Power (not include the spindle) 1840W
      Spindle Speed 0-24000rpm
      Drive Motors Stepper system
      Working Voltage AC 220V/50Hz AC 220V/50Hz, AC 380V AC 380V 50Hz/60Hz
      Command Language G cord*.u00*.mmg*plt
      Operating System DSP black handle control system (with USB interface)
      Running Environment Temperature: 0-45°C
      Relative humidity: 30%-75%
      Working-holding Vacuum table (6 zones separately control) and vacuum pump
      Dust removing plant Dust collector
      Cutters 22 pieces (include 3D cutter and milling bottom cutter)

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